Please find descriptions of our standard services detailed below. Examples of standard transcriptions and audio files are given on our ‘data examples’ page. If you require a level of transcription that isn’t detailed below as part of our standard services please contact us for a quote. Transcripts will be provided in one format (for example as a Word file, or a Transana file). The transcript can be provided in multiple file forms on payment of an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

As researchers ourselves we understand the need for careful protection of data. Confidentiality is assured and we are experienced in working with sensitive data. All data is destroyed or returned to you on completion of our transcription.

The prices below are applicable to data that is comparatively clear. Whilst we do not set a limit on the number of speakers or amount of overlap or laughter in the data, if files are particularly ‘messy’ they will be subject to an extra charge to cover our extra time costs. Please contact us with a sample of your data if in any doubt. We will of course discuss this with you at the beginning of a project if we find the data falls outside our standard rates.

Please be aware that transcription is never truly finished! Our transcripts, although thorough, should be considerd to be a first pass and not a perfected product.

Standard transcription of interview or focus group data: £1.70  a minute

Basic orthographic transcription of audio recording,  not including any symbols representing non lexical sounds or linguistic details. If you have interview or focus group data that requires a basic transcription this is the service you require.

Standard transcription of  naturally occurring data: £2.00  a minute

Basic orthographic transcription of audio recording,  not including any symbols representing non lexical sounds or linguistic details. This is for real life ‘messy’ data including that collected from telephone helplines and  in classrooms.

Audio transcript using basic Jeffersonian format (CA): £6.00 a minute

Detailed transcription of audio data with inclusion of Jefferson symbols such as intonation, emphasis, pause location, volume, a non-lexical action (laughter/sneeze/sigh) and where overlap starts. These details will be noted during initial transcription,  but the transcriber will not spend time perfecting such details on the transcript. Inaudible sections will be noted but not concentrated on.

Audio transcript using full Jeffersonian format (CA):   £10.00  a minute

Highly detailed transcription of audio data which will involve full use of Jeffersonian format. The transcriber will provide:  details on intonation and emphasis within a word; break down non lexical sounds such as laughter into their phonetic sounds (although detailed highly accurate transcription of extended laughter is a specialist service subject to an extra charge); details on where overlaps starts and finishes; accurate timings of pauses and lapses and time will be spent on difficult, inaudible sections. Please note that the price reflects the significant amount of time that this  level of transcription requires. For the level of detail produced please see Sequence Organization in Interaction by Schegloff.

Standard Video transcript using Jeffersonian format (CA): £email to discuss 

Basic transcription of audio and visual data. This will included bracketed descriptions of activities in the line below the talk but will not include highly detailed transcription of practices such as eye gaze.

Detailed Video transcript using Jeffersonian format (CA):  £email to discuss

Highly detailed transcription of audio and visual data which will involve full use of Jeffersonian format. Separate transcription line dedicated to detailed visual data. List of symbols and what they represent will be included with transcript.

Editing/Checking service of existing transcriptions:

We are happy to check over exisiting transcriptions and either make or highlight corrections.  The fee for this work can be discussed and will depend on the nature of the data, the length of the transcipt and the level of the CA used by the  transcriber.

Specialised transcription service: POA

We are able to pay  attention to a particular linguistic practice or  feature of talk if required. For example we would be able to highlight directives, or spend extra time transcribing overlap or examine in detail a section of shared laughter. Please contact us by email and we will provide a quote.

We are able to provide a different level of  service within the same piece of data. For example you might wish us to provide a standard orthographic service for 50 minutes of the data but provide specialised transcription for 10 minutes of overlap. Please contact us with any particular requests.

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