Data Examples

Whilst we are always happy to work with very clear, easy to hear audio or video files such as that found in interviews we are also experienced in working with real world data. Often messy, this can be difficult to transcribe.

Below we provide some examples of both our standard orthographic and CA transcriptions for some data taken during a surfing lesson. Originally from video, this was recorded in the sea and on the beach and therefore provides an example of data with a lot of background noise. We provide a sound file and  pdfs of  transcripts for each example. If you require a transcript that is somewhere between the level of detail recorded on the orthographic and CA transcripts then please contact us to discuss rates.

In each example Liam (L) is the surf coach and Roland (R) and Clare (C) the students. Roland and Clare are married and have had a number of previous lessons with Liam. There are no other students in the session.

Example 1 – arm exercises

This was recorded on the beach immediately after a two hour lesson.

Arm Exercises: sound file

Arm Exercises: sound file (iPad/iPhone friendly version)

Arm Exercises: orthographic transcript

arm exercises

Extract 2 – paddle

Example 2 provides an example of one participant being very quiet on the sound file, probably reflecting the distance from the video camera. This sort of messy real life data is transcribed at no extra charge.

Paddle: sound file

Paddle: sound file (iPad/iPhone friendly version)

Paddle: orthographic transcript


Example 3 – unbalanced

The final example provides a longer piece of data and includes some sections where talk cannot be heard as the camera is being held underwater. Again it provides an example of sometimes difficult to hear data that we transcribe at no extra charge.

Unbalanced: sound file

Unbalanced: sound file (iPad/iPhone friendly version)

Unbalanced: orthographic transcript


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