CA Transcription Services offers a specialist service to academic researchers. It is currently run by Christiane, a conversation analyst.

Christianne Pollock

I came to CA via a circuitous, some might say torturous route. My first degree was in Zoology at the University of Oxford. Following a year working in Japan I returned to the UK where I undertook a PhD on a population of house mice in northern Scotland at the University of York. This was followed by a few years of teaching and some time out with my young family.

Following the diagnosis of my eldest son with severe autism I returned to study, this time for an MSc in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Plymouth. It was here that I was introduced to Conversation Analysis and I soon realised that it would be a very useful methodology for studying severe autism. I am now writing up a (second) PhD which has used CA to study the interactions of children with severe autism and I have developed a fascination with CA and what it can tell us about interaction that extends beyond this field. I am particularly interested in interactions with children and those involving people with learning disabilities or disordered speech, although to be honest I enjoy data sessions with any everyday interactions, even online. If it’s naturally occurring, I’m interested. In my own research I usually work with video data including with participants who have very limited speech. This can be challenging as it requires a detailed analysis of practices such as eye gaze.

I have a blog called A Life Unlimited which records life (and interaction) with a severely autistic teen. If you’re interested in alternative and augmentative communication systems you may find some of the videos interesting.

In  my spare time I enjoy walking the dog, swimming, horse riding, moor walking and at the age of 40 am learning to surf. I just wish I’d started 20 years ago.


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